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Rubik's Toys

Ever since the Rubikís Cube was launched in 1980, millions of people around the world are still trying to solve the mysteries of this phenomenal toy. Itís well documented that many people can unscramble a cube in a matter of seconds, but for others itís a useless quest without some help.  The Rubikís world famous brand was created by this single invention, and now covers many other equally challenging toys and games.

Erno Rubik is a Hungarian professor of architecture, whose thirst for creating games with mechanical and physical properties has remained undiminished since he created the cube. This has resulted in toys like the Rubikís Clock, Rubikís Eclipse and Rubikís Flat Cube as well as the Rubikís Light Speed Cube where players are up against the clock to turn off all the coloured lights before the time runs out!

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Arguably the finest invention to date is the Rubikís 360. This consists of three clear circular spheres set inside one another, with the object being to move the six small coloured balls inside, to the pockets on the outside – unbelievable patience, dexterity and a clear brain are required to master the challenge! Another new version entered the Rubik's family known as Rubik's Void. A hole in the middle of this cube with rounded edges makes players wonder how the product stays together!

Rubikís games are sold online and in toy shops everywhere, so customers should have no trouble tracking down their favourite.

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