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Red Toolbox Toys

As part of the Ark DIY Products Group, Red Toolbox is the children’s division that provides a selection of junior carpentry tools as well as a collection of wooden carpentry projects. Sold exclusively into UK independent retailers by Asobi, the special design and size of the tools ensures they are the perfect fit for a child’s hand, whilst maintaining the same performance levels associated with adult versions.

Red Toolbox's Workbench is well established as an industry leading design. The sturdy steel base guarantees a safe working area that is supplied with an in-built vice. The easily adjustable legs give a platform height of between 24” and 31.5” to suit a range of children’s sizes.

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Red Toolbox tools such as hammers, clamps, files, saws, screwdrivers and tape measure are available in a range of different sets. A handy toolbox is also available for easy storage, whilst series of woodworking projects are available in beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. These include useful household items like a treasure chest, bird feeder or newspaper stand.

The Red Toolbox Soccer Table

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