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Voltron Force Toys

Voltron was established in the US as a No.1 kids TV cartoon during the mid 1980s and since then there have been a huge number of series of the show which has established Voltron as something of a cult classic. The animated TV series known as Voltron Force follows the adventures of five cadets who have been thrown together after a difficult series of situations to create the Voltron Lion Squad.

Master toy maker Mattel got behind the Voltron Force brand and launched a series of Voltron Force toys and action figures to coincide with the latest series. The heroes fight alongside many of the original ones, and with Mattel’s experience in manufacturing realistic toys with plenty of working parts, they created an exciting range of Voltron Force toys. It doesn't take too much imagination to see what kind of toys were produced from the amazing characters shown below.

Potential Voltron Force Toys

Ted Koplar, president of St. Louis-based WEP told Daily Variety magazine: “What is paramount is getting the toys right. They’re pretty involved toys that have to transform and fit together.” He also added: "With its signature robot lion action and titanic-scale battles, our Voltron games and toys along with our new series are sure to have enormous appeal to fans of all ages around the world."

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