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Vulli Toys

The Vulli slogan "Baby grows up with Vulli!" sums up perfectly the way in which the toys and baby products are created from birth up to at least 6 years. The Vulli toy product ranges are divided up into sections ranging from the famous Sophies Boutique to child care toys, soft toys and some special rotational moulded balls and hoppers for fun in the garden, park or beach.

Sophie the Giraffe is a worldwide favourite natural rubber teething toy, which receives huge publicity from the media on account of the celebrities' babies that are seen clutching one! Vulli also produce a Sophie soft toy, activity quilt and a toilet bag. Chan Pie Gnon natural baby teethers are another great Vulli range. These elongated mushroom shaped characters have great appeal, and the babies just love to chew on the safe and soft rubber material.

For older children, Vulli toys are in the form of more detailed play sets such as the magic trees with small play characters to let the kids use their imagination in role play. Vulli toys are in a specialist niche sector of the toy market, and are sold all over the world.

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