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Aqua Dragons Illuminated

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Enter a unique underwater world courtesy of Brainstorm who are behind the amazing Aqua Dragons. These cool creatures have been around since prehistoric times and now children can grow their own with the help of the Aqua Dragons Illuminated Set.

Aqua Dragons from Brainstorm

Each set comes with a tank, eggs, magnifier, food, spoon and pipette for oxygenating the water. What's more the Aqua Dragons Illuminated tank can be lit up with funky blue LED lighting so you can watch them swim around the tank... awesome!

Children will love caring for their Aqua Dragons and watching them grow - in fact they are fun for all the family to get involved.

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Comment by Hope Sumner, 14th May 2013

I got this set for my birthday. I always wanted a pet and now I have some. I love this product and all my friends are super jealous of my amazing creatures.

They are different to any other pet. I always love watching them before I go to sleep. I highly recommend!