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Scalextric James Bond SPECTRE Set

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Bond is no stranger when it comes to fast cars and high speed pursuits, which makes him a perfect fit for the world of Scalextric.

007 SPECTRE Scalextric packaging

This set is inspired by the smash hit film of 2015, Spectre, and pits the super spyís iconic Aston Martin DB10 in a race against the Jaguar C-X75, allowing you to recreate the intense car chases from the movie.

007 SPECTRE Scalextric packaging

The track itself is full of interesting opportunities to take down your opponent, with a side-swiping chicane straight, a perilous ramp jump and a crossroad section thatís begging for a high speed collision!

007 SPECTRE Aston Martin DB10

Donít worry too much about playing rough on the road as both vehicles are made to Scalextricís super resistant standard, meaning they can survive a bit of car crunching action.

007 SPECTRE Jaguar C-X75

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* * * * * Scalextric

Comment by Margaret, 17th December 2015

Fabulous timeless classic fun for all the family to have fun and play

* * * * * Scalextric James Bond SPECTRE

Comment by LES, 4th December 2015