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Bop It! Bounce

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Bop It! Bounce adds a whole new dimension to the Bop-It family of fast action and fast reaction electronic games. The various commands instruct the players how fast or high to bounce the foam ball on the pressure sensitive trampoline pad, and success earns extra points to rack up a huge score! Failure however, means starting all over again with the points back to zero!

Bop it Bounce from Hasbro

Five different modes of play are built into Bop-It! Bounce and with an age range of 5 to adult, this game can be played non-stop by the whole family. Here at Toy Shop UK we've had a good play on this toy and can confirm that itís just as addictive as the original Bop-It!

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Comment by Bruce, 3rd March 2010

I saw this at the New York Toy Fair and it looks like awesome fun. Can't wait to get to get hold of one!