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Seaside Cruiser House Boat

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All the lovable and popular characters in Sylvanian Families can now set off to sea in the fantastic Seaside Cruiser House Boat set. This large vessel is just like a cruise ship with a Freya figurine dressed in a sailor uniform and a separate rowing boat that can take travellers to a small island. A waterslide is included as well as a sunshade for sheltering on really hot and sunny days. In all, the set has 55 different pieces.

Sylvanian Families Seaside Cruiser House Boat

The Seaside theme collection continues with a range of other playsets including an Adventure Treasure Ship and an Adventure Island. Brave swimmers will have to watch out for the Splash and Play Whale whilst the Sylvanian animals that just want to relax can take advantage of the Camping Set and Birthday Party scene.

The Seaside Cruiser House Boat can take any of the other characters on trips across the ocean, whilst the Striped Cat Family takes pride of place in all the seaside stories. Boys and girls love the make-believe world of Sylvanian Families where making up stories and creating adventures all contribute to helping kids develop their imaginations.

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