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Sylvanian Families Toys

Think of almost any domestic or woodland animal and you can be pretty sure that Sylvanian Families toys will have been made of them. These small, flock-covered creatures have been a firm favourite for generations, and continue to be collected by the million.

The fact that Sylvanian Family characters can be purchased as either whole families or individuals means that collecting them can be surprisingly cheap. Sylvanian Families toys though, can be found to suit almost anyone.

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So many different animals are available - badgers, hedgehogs, dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, owls, penguins - that the hardest task is usually deciding which group to start collecting first! All Sylvanian Family toys are dressed and named according to their breed or type, such as The Treefellow Family for the owls – or the DeBurgh Family for the penguins. These amusing names give the range an appealing character for children and their parents.

More than just a collection of characters, Sylvanian Families extend to numerous play situations such as caravans, hotels, hospitals, shops, restaurants and homes. These provide a complete village or town scenario for kids to make believe and play with for hours on end. There are numerous furniture packs and accessories to add to the buildings, all of which help to make the Sylvanian Families toys a complete play system.

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