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G5 Teksta Robotic Puppy

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Teksta's Robotic Puppy took the toy world by storm when it was crowned the "Toy Of The Year" in 2014 and Character have been developing new models ever since. Alongside Teksta Toucan, G5 Teksta Robotic Puppy was unveiled in early 2016 with a promise to be the best yet.

Teksta G5 Puppy

The G5 model has all the great attributes of the original including multi-coloured LED eyes and realistic ear movements, but comes packed full of new tech to make this toy even more engaging. Highly sensitive voice control, brand new applications and multiple-demand LED features makes this the most realistic puppy on the block!

With in-built sound recognition technology he can respond to voices by wagging his tail and wiggling his ears. His expressively intelligent eyes are one of Teksta’s best attributes. Light patterns create many different expressions that indicate his state of mind. Is he happy, sad, ready for a walk or tired enough for a sleep?

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