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Zinc Flyte Case Scooter

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The clever designers at Zinc came up with a winning idea when they created the Zinc Flyte Case Scooter. Kids owning personal suitcases have become an indispensable piece of travelling equipment, Flyte takes this idea a stage further by incorporating it with a fully functioning scooter!

Utilising a lightweight design, the case is secured to the front stem of the scooter whilst the footplate can be quickly folded for storage within the case. The scooter handles can then be used to pull the case around like traditional piece of pull along luggage.

Flyte will appeal to almost any young child and is ideal for kids aged between 4 - 8. This model is great for travelling on holiday, for visits to friendís houses or even for taking their packed lunch to school making journeys fun for kids and easier for parents!

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