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Geode Discovery Kit

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Brainstorm are renowned for their unique take on educational toys and pride themselves on creating fascinating products to truly engage and entertain children while teaching them about the world around them.

Geode Discovery Kit

The Geode Discovery Kit is a brilliant new addition to the range and will inspire your little ones. Each innovative kit comes with three quality geodes which are unique hollow rocks which occur in certain sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

Boy and girl playing with their Geode Discovery Kit

Simply don the enclosed safety glasses and then tap the geodes with a hammer to reveal the unique crystal treasure inside. Compare the stunning crystals in each and find out more about this unique phenomenon with an informative guide. You can display your geodes on a display stand.

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4.5 />

* * * * * Cool

Comment by Sadia Faima, 8th October 2015

It is different and unique. very interesting!

* * * * - Amazing crystals

Comment by Christine, 4th October 2015

I think they are very fascinating because they start as a hollow rock but when I tap them carefully with a hammer, the results are amazing with crystals that look very nice and pretty