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Greedy Granny Game

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Greedy Granny game from Tomy is one of those hilarious games that soon has all the players in fits of laughter. Granny is fast asleep in her chair, so the object of the game is to take her biscuits before she awakens.

Suitable for children age 5 and over, players start by whirling the biscuit spinner to pick their treat and then have a go at winning back the biscuits. Great care is need though….if you wake Granny up you’re out of the game….and her teeth fall out. Yuk!

Greedy Granny game from Tomy

Tomy is one of the longest established UK suppliers of toys and games, and Emma Fryer, Head of UK Marketing for Tomy said that she expects the game to be a major hit. She also said: “Greedy Granny has all the ingredients of a fun family game: surprise, skill, and humour. I challenge you to keep a straight face when you play!”

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