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Every few years in the toy industry there's a product that captures the public's imagination so well that the toy sells out so fast that there is a mad dash to hunt one down in time for Christmas. They can often be found selling for way over the RRP on auction websites, and for 2016, Hatchimals was that very toy!

Adorable Blue and Green Hatchimals

Retailing for £59.99, Hatchimals are adorable interactive creatures that actually hatch themselves from eggs! The proud owner of the egg is the key to releasing the magic. The Hatchimal inside the egg responds to the power of human touch and begins to hatch and communicate through a variety of taps, pecks, lights and sound.

Girl watching her Hatchimals hatch

You can never be sure what kind of Hatchimal will emerge from the egg (will it be a Pengula or a Draggle?) and although seeing your Hatchimal gradually break through its shell is definitely the moment of most excitement, it's actually only the start of the play value.

Hatchimals packaging

Each Hatchimal can be nurtured through 3 phases - from baby to full‐grown Hatchimal - and you can witness with your own eyes its ability to learn how to walk, talk, play games and more.

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