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Henry Huggle-House Playset

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Billed as the hero product in Golden Bearís range of Henry Hugglemonster toys, the Huggle-House toy playset is a realistic version of the one used in the TV shows. Lots of play value and fun features are included in this set.

Made in bright primary colours of red, green and yellow, small figurine versions of Henry and Ivor are supplied to make the action as life-like as possible. As well as a rotating table on the ground floor thereís also an opening roof and two beds in the first floor room.

Fans of the show may also want to look out for the Talking Plush Henry Hugglemonster toys as well as some mini soft versions. Henryís Roarsome Scooter and Summerís Super Scooter both have a removable vinyl figure that can speak real phrases from the show as well as having articulated legs and arms.

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