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Indominus Rex

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Jurassic Park's Hammond Creation Lab set out to create the most fearsome dinosaur ever seen... and it would appear that they succeeded!

The Indominus Rex is the showcase 'baddie' in Jurassic World, so it's no surprise that Spin Master were keen to put their "True Balance" technology (invented for their Zoomer range) to good use in this stunning Collectable Robotic Edition Zoomer Dino: Indominus Rex toy.

With bright red eyes, a spiky back and ferocious teeth, this toy literally prowls around your house looking for prey using its advanced IR nose sensors. As with the original Zoomer, Indominus Rex can sense your hand and will respond to movements.

Featuring real sounds from Jurassic World, Indominus Rex has various program modes that really bring the toy to life and show off her stealth, aggression and unpredictable nature brilliantly.

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