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Weaving just got fast and fun! Loopdeloom is an ingenious new loom design with spinning pegs that speeds up the weaving process and makes it both speedy and effective.

Loop De Loom

Children aged 8+ will love this exciting craft project and Loopdeloom has won many prestigious awards.  It is simple to set up, it is simple to use, and it is surprisingly fast. Children will enjoy creating anything from small, basic potholders to large complex items with intriguing patterns; weave purses, phone cases, scarves, wraps, baskets, throws and more.

Loop De Loom Packaging

You can weave items of any length and up to 17cm wide using one loom. Connect two or more looms together to weave wider items with no seams - genius! Say goodbye to traditional looms, Loopdeloom puts a new spin on weaving! Kit includes 1 spinning peg loom and 120 yards of yarn to get started.

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