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Mindflex Duels

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Arriving hot on the heels of the original Mattel Mindflex is the Mindflex Duels game. Designed to pit one player against another by threading the small foam ball through the amazing obstacle course, everything is controlled by... just your brain!

Using brain waves picked up through the strap on headset and sensors, players can beat their opponent by thinking the hardest - and you thought the Star Wars ‘force’ was unreal!

Designed for young adults who need to prove they have a bigger brain than their friends (or enemies), Mindflex Duels has been described as a kind of “limited telekinesis simulator”. This amazing game is a bit like a tug of war for brains, and serves up equal amounts of ecstasy and disappointment for the winners and losers.

Mattel's Mindflex Duels Toy

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