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Minimondos Dolls

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The world of Minimondos celebrates individuality and brings together imagination, fun and stylish design to a child’s toy shelf.

Minimondos Dolls

With distinctive personalities and a unique sense of style and expression, each Minimondo doll brings bundles of personality to the experience of play. They are beautifully designed with care and style.

Using a sophisticated colour palette of warm greys and blues, a range of wonderful illustrations and high quality matt finishes and textiles, they are crafted to stand apart visually from the rest of the industry.

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Sophie is a brilliant conversationalist. This little girl is clever, persuasive and inspiring to all.

Rafi is a mini spiritual oracle. A child possessed of endless wisdom, knowledge and hope, while maintaining an aura of spiritual cool.

Mia is a mastermind in the making. With razor sharp wit, she is smart, sassy and streetwise

Luca is a dreamer and entertainer extraordinaire. He is emotional, creative, and quite outrageous at times.

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