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Moshi Monsters: Moshling Treehouse

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Created in 2007, millions of children access the online Moshi Monsters space every day to play games and swap their favourite characters. Vivid Imaginations holds the UK licence to distribute Moshi Monsters toys and playsets - and one of the showcase playsets in their range is the superb Moshling Treehouse which you can see below.

The closed Moshling Treehouse from Moshi Monsters

The treehouse provides the perfect place to play with your favourite Moshis. A fully working basket lift will keep all your little monsters entertained - and the playset cleverly opens up to reveal a space where you can store your figures when they need a rest.

Ideal for children aged 4 and over, this Moshling Treehouse has proven a runaway success. If demand for these little monsters continues at the current rate, we wouldn't be surprised if this is the first playset of many.

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* * * * - Great, but 3 things I don't like

Comment by Annie Ball, 6th November 2011

The tree house is a great home for your Moshlings, but there are three things that I don't like about it:
1.) The six holes for the Moshlings aren't deep enough
2.) It isn't big enough.
3.) When a Moshling goes up and down in the lift, other Moshlings fall of the tree.

* * * * * Cool Roxy figure

Comment by Mia, 8th August 2011

The Roxy figure is so cool - that's why I got it. The treehouse could have been bigger but 5 stars because of Roxy.

* - - - - No big enough!

Comment by Katie, 8th August 2011

This is not big enough and doesn't come with enough figures.