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Oball Rattle

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Oball Rattle Toy Review
Crazee Thingzs Ltd

Recommended Age
Birth to 3 Years

Main Oball Rattle Features
Brightly-coloured with an inbuilt rattle, this durable ball can be squashed and squeezed yet miraculously returns to shape, much to our tester's amazement! Parents were impressed by the reasonable price and were also pleased to hear it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Benefits of the Oball Rattle
Younger babies were instantly engaged by the noisy rattle, and the open-net design makes it easy for small hands to grip, encouraging motor-skills from an early age. Older children enjoyed rolling and throwing the ball to other playmates, making this an excellent choice for promoting interaction with others in group play-sessions.

Hand-eye coordination, life skills, observation and concentration.

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