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Octonauts Octopod Playset

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About the Playset
The stunning Octopod Playset from Fisher Price really brings this popular TV show to life. With so many features to play with, kids will have hours of fun exploring all the different working parts.

For starters, an OctoAlert button brings the playset to life with real phrases and sounds from the animated series. Two figures of Kwazii Kitten and Captain Barnacles are included, as well as a GUP-A vehicle and the Sea Turtle & Lobster animals that include some super-clever colour-changing bandages.

Octopod Playset from Mattel's Octonauts Toy Range

Plenty of other working features include hanging pods, removable floors, tentacle slides and a quick release lever to allow a figure to fall into the GUP-A ready for action and adventure! This playset provides the perfect backdrop for toddlers to act out all their favourite Octonauts adventures - and hopefully make up some new ones too!

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* * * * * Peso

Comment by David, 5th October 2011

Hi with regards to the Peso and other characters from the series, I emailed Fisher Price and they will be releasing them in Spring 2012. Just thought I would let you parents know as my child loves the show too :)

* * * * - Amazing!

Comment by Jaza, 24th August 2011

My son, who is three and a half, wanted this toy as soon as he saw it. As he is a really well behaved and polite and rarely asks for things I rushed out to buy it that day. It took seconds to put together and he absolutely loves it! He was however disappointed that Medic Peso was not included. I managed to find the toy on eBay along with the Dashi Dog (still bidding) they were apparently given away in a cBeebies 'special' magazine. It seems ridiculous that they have made the Peso toy but it is not available to buy. Some are selling on eBay for 30+. I don't understand why you should have to pay double the price of the Octopod to get two extra characters! But despite that, the toy is fantastic! Best I've ever bought!

* * * * * Best toy so far

Comment by David, 7th July 2011

This is one of the best toys I have seen for the Octonauts thus far. Looking forward to using it with my daughter when it arrives shortly!

* - - - - Misleading Illustration

Comment by Marion Bewley, 6th July 2011

We bought the Octopod Playset for my grandson. On the top of the box there is a picture of Barnicle, Kwazii and Peso. On the front of the box a picture of all three in the GUP but inside there's no Peso. There is a square to show what is included but how many three year olds understand this? Fisher Price do not even make a Peso so why put him on the box?

* * * * * Wow

Comment by vicki, 5th July 2011

This looks FAB and My little Octonaut apprentices will love it I'm sure! Bring on the Octopod!

* * * * - Looks Good

Comment by Samantha Lloyd, 16th May 2011

The Octopad Playset looks great. It looks sturdy and colourful which is important for preschoolers. Looking forward to it being in the shops!