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Toy Octonauts GUP-A Vehicle

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As one of the highlights of Fisher Price's range of Octonauts toys, The GUP-A submarine is just one of several interactive vehicles that also includes GUP-B and GUP-D.

The Octonauts GUP-A toy whale is perfect for play on the land or in the water at bath time - and we think the designers at Fisher Price have created a brilliant version of one of the favourite vehicles from the show.

Not only does the antenna and lights change colour in the water, the propeller can be wound up for use on land to create a wavy ‘sea-going’ motion. A Barnacles figure is included in the set - and various other working features like a grabbing arm, hook, net and fish help to give kids plenty of play value.

In the same way that Thunderbirds fans all have their favourite Thunderbird craft, Octonauts fans will already know exactly which vehicle they want for their birthday! The amazing aquatic vehicles that appear in every show convert brilliantly into toys and some can even squirt water and chomp!

The GUP A Submarine Toy from The Octonauts

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* * * * * At last!

Comment by Louise, 21st June 2011

Can't wait for the Octonauts toys to hit the shops, and it looks like they'll be available in time for my youngest's birthday in August. Both my boys are Octonauts mad - we've all been assigned a character already!

* * * * * Go Octonauts!

Comment by Tracy, 17th May 2011

My daughter is Kwasi mad. I am in the process of making a Kwasi costume for her fancy dress birthday party and would have loved to get her some Octonauts toys. Roll on August!

* * * * * About time!

Comment by Tim, 17th May 2011

Fantastic news! My 4 year old will go crazy for these. He can't get enough of the Octonauts - and don't mind it myself either :) We've been making the Octopod and GUPs out of Lego for ages; these will be very well received!

* * * * - Octonauts to the toy shop!

Comment by Anita, 10th May 2011

My 3 year old son would love to have any toy related to the Octonauts series. His love for the series and all things transport will be more than satisfied by these GUPs!

* * * * * Octonauts Toys

Comment by Ella, 22nd February 2011

My 3 year old daughter cannot wait for these toys to come out. She and her older brother have fashioned their own Octonauts toys from other bath objects but I just know that she'd love the real thing!