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Frozen Pop-Up Olaf Game

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In a brilliant move, top toy maker Tomy secured the rights to make a Frozen Pop-Up Olaf game for all the fans of this popular movie. Similar to their Pop-Up Pirate game, kids have to take it in turns to slip the crystal rods into the side of the white barrel. Thereís no way of knowing which one will make Olaf suddenly spring out from his base on the top!

Frozen Pop-Up Olaf Game

When you start another game, a different slot activates the releasing mechanism to ensure fair play! Suitable for kids aged 4 and over, Frozen Pop-Up Olaf is guaranteed to be enjoyed by most members of the family – and their friends! The special Frozen box contains the barrel, 24 crystal sticks and of course a model of Olaf.

Frozen merchandise is in incredible demand, and this game adds to the long list of popular products. Tomy are well known for producing a series of popular toys, games and models including the iconic Britains ranges of die-cast farm vehicles and accessories.

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