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Party Bananagrams

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Recognising the popularity of their basic BANANAGRAMS game has led the company to design more variations of this iconic word game. Junior party goers are always looking for new games to play and BANANAGRAMS Party is just the ticket. Designed for kids of 7 and over, the players still race to complete a word grid but with several twists and turns on the way.

Guaranteed to provide suspense, fun and laughter all rolled into one, the forfeits and challenges add a completely new slant on the proceedings. There’s a selection of Party Power tiles to add a different dimension and provide interesting distractions like balancing the banana pouch on their heads!

Party Bananagrams

BANANAGRAMS Party is just one of five games in the BANANAGRAMS family that include the classic version as well as Wild Tiles, Party, My First and the enormous Jumbo edition that can be used outdoors. Check out the company’s other fruity games like Appletters, Fruitominoes and Pairs in Pears.

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