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Pebli Starter Pack

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Pebli Town is an innovative new toy designed for children aged 3+ that combines physical objects with an online world to create a truly magical play experience.

Pebli Town Starter Pack

Once you've connected your Apple or Android tablet to the physical board using Bluetooth, any movement you make on the board is automatically translated to the tablet using special hot spot technology.

Kids playing with their Pebli Town Starter Pack

The Pebli Starter Pack can be played with by up to 4 people at the same time and comes with four exciting game play modes: Story Teller, Games, Story Creator and Video Room. These all offer rich and engaging game play whilst at the same time benefiting childrens' problem solving skills, vocabularly, imagination, self-expression, hand-eye coordination and attention to name but a few.

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Parents particularly like the fact that 99% of the game play is done on the board, meaning there is virtually no need for kids to directly interact with the tablet.

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Comment by Rebecca, 30th August 2015

The Pebli Starter Pack is easy to set up and use, engaging with the little people to play along with, entertaining! and stretches little one's mind as he 'makes believe'. This is play and technology going hand in hand happily - what's next please?! :-)

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Comment by Heather, 19th July 2015

My grandkids all love playing on tablets, and although there are hundreds of apps for kids, this is so much better as it gets them involved. They have to use their imagination and they can play together, where as most apps are designed for one person. I love this idea and think its a much needed toy for younger children.