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Air Hogs RollerCopter

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As one of the best Air Hogs toys ever designed, the RollerCopter redifines the boundaries in which radio controlled toys can operate. Placed inside itís protective ball-shaped cage, the helicopter is almost completely impervious to any form of serious crash damage.

RollerCopter can roll along the floor, climb up walls and even be controlled right against a ceiling! Itís incredible to see how this toy can fly almost anywhere without any fear of the rotors getting tangled in curtains or other household objects.

Distributed by Spin Master in the UK, this fantastic toy is perfectly designed for budding pilots of 8 years old and over. Since 1999 Air Hogs flying toys have been popular with boys of all ages. With the ever increasing sophistication of miniature toy technology, the company has constantly invested in new models that offer incredible value for money.

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