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Spittin' Camel Game

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The number of 'gross out' toys and games that were on show at the 2015 Toy Fair in London makes us wonder whether it deserves to be a category in its own right! Action game companies are the forefront of the trend, with Doggie Doo, Seagull Splat and Gooey Louie leading the field.

Megableu took little time to get in on the act with their "Spittin' Camel" game that's distributed by Goldfish & Bison in the UK. As you may have guesssed from the game's name, the result isn't very pleasant if you lose, but in reality it's only water! The camel carries all the fresh drinks on his back but if you fail to challenge him correctly it's game over, and time to reach for the drying towel.

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