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Stink Bugzzz

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Whilst Stink Bugzzz may not get every parents seal of approval, little boys are sure to love them! Each of the nasty and smelly little characters is supplied in its own pot of rancid and putrid slime that can be blasted out of its mouth. Definitely not for the faint hearted, the smells are truly disgusting.

Green and yellow Trashy Turdmite smells just like the local rubbish tip, whilst Muck Maggot reminds you of a pile of rotten fish! If putrid swamp water is more your thing try Swampy Skeeter, or for a distinctly skunky odour then Skunk Mantis is the one for you!

Stink Bugzzz are distributed by Character Options in the UK and are designed for kids over 6 years old. Squeeze and blast these horrible little bugs for some of the most disgusting smells around.

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