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Thunderbird 2

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Thunderbirds Are Go is back with a bang, and the TV series is supported by a fantastic selection of toys from Vivid. They secured the master toy licence from ITV who commissioned the series from Pukeko Pictures.

The heavy duty Thunderbird 2 transporter vehicle is probably the most iconic of all. This awesome aircraft is faithfully reproduced in a giant toy version thatís complete with electronic and authentic sound effects.

Thunderbird 2 packaging

Measuring a massive 16Ē long, TB-2 as itís sometimes known, also includes a 4Ē version of Thunderbird 4. This can be loaded in its own pod for transport to emergency situations requiring assistance from the Tracy team. The sturdy legs that normally house the Thunderbird 2 vertical take-off chemical rockets can be folded away for pretend flying scenes around a boyís room.

Said to have a maximum top speed of 6200 mph, this truly is an awesome vehicle thatís probably near the top of the all-time greats of science fiction vehicles. Fans of the Thunderbirds Are Go series are sure to want their very own Tracy Island playset. Also featuring genuine sounds effects, this substantial toy is packed full of features that come straight from the TV show.

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