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Thunderbirds Interactive Tracy Island

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Thunderbirds Are Go returned to the nationís TV screens in early 2015 with a whole new generation of kids wanting to buy the toys produced for the series. Made by Vivid, Tracy Island Playset is once again the hero product in a line-up that also includes action figures of Scott, Alan, Gordon and John Tracy along with Parker, Lady Penelope and arch villain Hood.

Packaging for the Thunderbirds Interative Tracy Island

All the Thunderbirds vehicles can fit inside this awesome playset that comes packed with working features and over 40 authentic electronic phrases and sounds.The most exciting feature has to be the toy version of the incredible and realistic launch sequence that kids can watch in every Thunderbirds episode.

Thunderbirds Interative Tracy Island

When Thunderbird 2 gets ready for take-off the palm trees can be moved just by flicking a switch. The short runway section then rises into the lift-off position! Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 5 rockets each have their own launch silos, and Thunderbird 4 is safely stored in its own underwater cave. A copy of Brainís laboratory is cleverly positioned just under the mountain top.

Close-up shots of the new Thunderbirds Tracy Island

The moveable pool is another high tech feature of this latest incarnation of the Tracy Island playset. A watch like device is also supplied in the box and can be worn on the wrist to control all the electronic functions as well as used to send messages to the Tracy team during their missions.

New-look Thunderbirds characters

Thatís not all though, as Tracy Island Playset will also be joined by all the Tracy teamís favourite vehicles! This giant Thunderbird 2 model is a fantastic reproduction of this iconic vertical lifting aircraft and like the playset has some incredible working features.

Thunderbird 2 packaging

Now the kids can also look like their favourite Tracy character thanks to these realistic dressing up outfits

Thunderbirds Scott Tracy International Rescue Uniform

Action figures of all the characters are a must-have purchase by the shows legions of fans.

Thunderbirds Action figures

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