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TX Juice a.i.Copter

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The clever designers at Wow! Stuff hit the bullseye again with their incredible TX Juice range of radio controlled toys. With a spectacular design and stunning black graphics on yellow bodywork, the a.i.Copter incorporates an innovative automatic take-off and landing system that virtually eliminates the possibility of crashing.

The patented ‘Juice’ button on the helicopter’s hand controller activates the ‘auto-take-off’ procedure which prevents a sudden lurch towards the ceiling with potential catastrophic results! Made of lightweight materials to aid long battery life, a.i.Copter is just one of a range of innovative TX Juice RC models.

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Charismatic Wow! Stuff president Richard North said, “The TX Juice range is completely unique and has two very simple but volume selling attributes; value and innovation. The average retail price is around £30, and we have nine unique RC items at launch from patented auto-obstacle avoiding robotic snakes to stunt planes and a patented Rocket Shuttle.”

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