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Trunko, Wage and Ice Bat

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The edgy designers at Uglydoll have created a series of adorable Hello Kitty characters that are instantly recognisable, yet have certain design characteristics that distinguish them from any other soft toys before them. Trunko, Wage, Ox and Ice Bat are presented in such a way that all Hello Kitty fans will be clamouring to add them to their collections.

Trunko, Wage and Ice Bat alongside Uglydoll and Hello Kitty

Created by well-known soft toy manufacturer Gund and distributed by Enesco in the UK, these Hello Kitty Uglydoll characters are part of a much wider selection of award winning soft toys. The Kiss and Foodies ranges are well established as well as the Universal and Valentines selections. Each toy has its own unique character and personality.

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* * * * - Just Made for my Granddaughter

Comment by Les, 24th March 2014

Ideal - soft, cuddly, loveable. Just made for my granddaughter.