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Z-Curve Launcher

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What about some high tech archery?
The Z-Curve Launcher has to be the ultimate in toy weaponry. This foam bow & arrow set consists of a high performance launcher which shoots soft and totally safe long-range arrows. Believe it or not it can even shoot arrows up to a staggering 125 feet!

The set comes with a launcher, two long-range arrows (that can bounce-back if you're practising by yourself) and a "stick anywhere" Zartz ultra-light foam suction cup tip arrow. There's also a "Zip-clip" holder for the arrows which makes reloading a doddle.

Perfect for children aged 8 years and up, the Z-Curve Launcher from Wind Designs is the perfect summer plaything that will provide hours of active and engaging play.

The Z-Curve Launcher from Wind Designs

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