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Wind Designs Toys

By focussing on an eclectic mix of top branded outdoor toys, Wind Designs is at the forefront of everything new in outdoor sports and games. They distribute their outdoor toys through a large network of independent and multiple retailers, many of whom also operate online with fast delivery.

A comprehensive kite section encompasses these flying machines from children’s kites to sports, stunt and power kites, as well as kite surfing equipment, clothing and accessories. When the sun comes out and the breeze dies down, Wind Designs can offer their customers water guns for a shoot up in the park. For the more aggressive players, the modern bows and arrows from Air Hunterz that includes the amazing Z-Curve Launcher are just the job for safe target practise.

Kids always enjoy chucking the Wind Designs outdoor toy flying discs to their mates, but if guns are more your thing, check out the amazing Nerf pistols, machine guns and blasters for the ultimate fun and action. Unicycles and juggling equipment are just two more great ranges from Wind Designs with plenty of new stuff added all the time.

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