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Children's Toy Guns

Quite understandably, toy guns that are specifically marketed towards children is a rather controversial issue, with many parents believing that children are exposed to enough violence already in the form of cartoons, action heroes and the daily news.

For others though, toy guns are simply playthings which have been enjoyed in a role play situation for generations. Certainly many children can remember playing Cowboys and Indians where guns always played a large part. Everyone can probably remember hours of fun spraying their friends and siblings with ice-cold water on a hot summers day with water pistols.

Thankfully, many of the highly-realistic replica toy guns that adorned many toy shop shelves during the 1990s are now deemed unacceptable by virtually all retailers. The large majority of the toy guns now on sale are very much designed to encourage active group play rather than anything more sinister. A good example of this is paintballing which can be great exercise for its participants. Some shops also sell a selection of toy shotguns, cap guns and BB guns for slightly older children.

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