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Bubble Machines and Bubble Toys

Many toys come and go as fashions and tastes change or alter, but the modest bubble tubs have stood the test of time and are still sold in their millions every year. Naturally kids always want to blow a bubble that’s bigger or lasts longer than their siblings or friends, and this healthy competition has led the toy manufacturers to formulate new bubble liquids that will make giant bubbles which will last much longer before bursting. Chasing bubbles as they seemingly float and change shape in a breeze is one of childhood’s greatest pastimes.

Bubble machines are hugely popular presents for kids at any time of the year, and judging by the number of these toys on the market there is fierce competition amongst toy manufacturers to make the biggest and best bubbles they can! Whether you want battery operated versions, push along toys that blow bubbles as they move or static bubble machines that repeatedly create bubbles of different sizes, the choice is enormous.

Kids favourite TV or film characters are often used to endorse bubble toys, and special wand shapes can be bought to create bubbles of huge size and extraordinary outlines. For the real bubble fanatics, solution is available in large tubs to feed the insatiable appetite of the largest bubble machines. Whatever toy you choose, kids will have great fun indoors or outside blowing and chasing those wonderful bubbles. Often they have every colour in the rainbow shimmering through them as they float away.

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