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Children's Skateboards

Not very long ago, the only method by which a child could “skate” was to purchase a pair of roller skates. These were usually adjustable in size and had four wheels on each one to aid balance. They often had a toe stop to aid braking, and were relatively inexpensive.

Along came skateboards, which in their basic form were decorated pieces of plywood with a two wheel undercarriage at each end, which could pivot to enable limited steering. At about the same time, in-line skates were introduced as a roller skate replacement. They usually had three or four wheels which were arranged in line, much as the blade on an ice skate.

As with all sports, modern technology, design and materials have had a huge impact on the skateboard equipment that is now available. This has enabled kids to perform more incredible stunts and actions, which in turn requires extra safety equipment such as helmets, knee and elbow pads as well as other forms of personal protection. Skateboards come in a huge range of colours, materials and graphics, and it’s very important to have the latest look or design to keep up with friends.

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