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Children's Beach Toys

A trip to the seaside is among the most quintessential of all British activities. With a climate that isn't particularly conducive to lots of these trips in any one year, we have to be thankful for every opportunity we get. A bucket and spade is by far the most iconic beach toy, and although they can still be used in a garden sandpit, there's nowhere quite like a crowded beach to show off your sandcastle making abilities.

As children get older and they grow out of making sandcastles, active beach toys tend to take over. Frisbees, water pistols and pétanque are all popular seaside games that the whole family can enjoy. The ever popular Swingball set is a popular choice, whereas the simpler 'bat and ball' game also provides a great deal of exercise and fun. 

If you prefer the sea to the sand, you probably want to be looking more towards a mask and snorkel set, or if your budget allows, perhaps an inflatable dinghy. You should also have little trouble finding children's fishing rods and prawn nets. If you're likely to spend more time in a harbor than you are on the beach, toys like a crab line can help while away many an hour.

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