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Snow Sledge Wholesalers

Whilst the winter is clearly the time of the year for maximum sales of sledges and toboggans, the rest of the year is spent manufacturing and stockpiling them ready for the first falls of snow. The wholesale suppliers of snow sledges have a difficult task when guessing the likely demand each year, and a pre-Christmas fall of snow can often wipe out stocks that were designed to last until the end of March.

Whilst traditional wooden style toboggans are manufactured in Europe, fortunately the UK has several manufacturers that can mould the plastic ‘tray’ type sledges quite easily and quickly. Once they are delivered to the sledge wholesalers, the distribution network gears up and the toy shops, garden centres and multiple retailers soon have stocks again. Clearly these businesses cannot survive just selling these snow toys, and they all usually have other big wholesale operations selling a number of different goods.

Whether a shop wants snow sledges, sleds, toboggans, gliders or bob sleds, the wholesalers can usually offer them all. Some can be quite sophisticated with the addition of brakes or steering mini skis on the front edges, whilst others are bigger and can take two or more people for a ride down the slopes.

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