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Wooden Toy Trains for Children

For over a century, the world famous Brio Company from Sweden have been making toys from wood. Probably their most famous products are their childrenís wooden train systems which have been in production since the early 1970s. This started as a set of natural finish interlocking wooden rails with some colourful push-a-long engines and trucks. Naturally as technology has developed, so has their wooden train railways, and there is even a battery-powered version to satisfy their slightly older customers!

Brio has plenty of competitors though. Mattel own the Thomas & Friends licence for wooden trains, and Bigjigs Rail make one of the biggest ranges of accessories. These wooden toy trains donít just include track sections like straights, curves, points, crossovers, bridges and turntables. Thereís also a massive range of buildings like engine sheds and stations, tunnels, signal boxes, water towers and many more. Trains also depict old fashioned steam engines and modern diesel electric types with a great choice of trucks, carriages and wagons to tow behind them.

These products aren't just Brio size though. Nearly all young children love pull along toys, and wooden trains are one of the most popular styles. Thomas the Tank Engine is probably the favourite and this character with his many friends will probably be around forever. Wood is one of the finest natural products, and although plastic is a cheaper alternative, nothing compares to the warm feel and texture of a real childrenís wooden train for a young toddler.

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