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Barbie Camper Van

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When Barbie goes on an outdoor holiday, she always makes sure that she goes in style! When Barbie goes camping the first thing she loads up is her fantastic Barbie Glamour Camper!

As a re-launch of the 1970s top-selling camper van, the Barbie Glamour Camper has almost everything a girl could ever want for a top camping holiday. There's a full working kitchen, flat screen television, flushing toilet in the bathroom, a shower and even a chandelier.

Girls will have hours of fun with this camping van that also includes a pop-up tent (complete with a mega-cool sleeping bag), real camping sounds such as a bonfire crackling and crickets chirping, as well as lots of other accessories. When playtime is finished everything can be packed back inside and folded up ready for the next day.

The Glamour Camper Van is suitable for girls aged three years and up – some eight year old Barbie fans say it’s the most fantastic toy they own! Toy Shop UK knows that all Barbie fans will want one of these! Big, sophisticated and pink - perfect for the modern girls.

Barbie Glamour Camper Van

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* * * - - The Best Barbie Van

Comment by Henry, 9th February 2011

My kid gave me the title for this note. I like it because it closes up easily at pick up time and one can drop in all one's Barbie stuff inside. Slightly annoying to have to place all the stickers on the camper. But she's well worth the effort. ;-)

* * * - - Pricey but cool

Comment by Emily, 7th November 2010

This is amazing but a bit pricey - it's more like a house than a camper van but still it's cool. I give it 4/10 for price and 9/10 for presentation. I am going to keep looking for a camper van - I do like this one but it's too much like a house and too expensive. It is more money than a talking dolls house!

* * * * * Love it

Comment by Tracey, 26th September 2010

My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves her camper. The only thing is, is she expects our camping trips to as glamorous!