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ThunderCats Toys

Originally aired in the USA in 1985, the ThunderCats animated TV series has featured intermittently since then - but with a brand new series produced by Warner Brothers animation, ThunderCats toys made a welcome return in late 2011.

Well known toy manufacturer Bandai is the lead licensee of ThunderCats toys - and they have updated the range to not only appeal to existing devotees but to new audiences too. Their toy range comprises of an impressive series of action figures of all the favourite characters. This includes Mumm-Ra, Vultureman, Lion-O, Cheetara, Slythe and many others. Each figure is supplied with an accessory or weapon as well as the amazing activation system operated by magnets embedded in all the figures and playsets.

Eight-inch tall articulated ThunderCats figures are based on the original series from the 1980s - with eighteen points of articulation on each one. Lion-O and Tygra have never looked so realistic, especially as they are supplied with their weapons. The awesome ThunderCats Tower of Omens Playset looks an impressive toy with plenty of working action features, and even includes a vehicle that can fire missiles.

A toy Thundercats Sword of Omens Sword

The showcase product however, has to be the amazing ThunderCats Thunder Tank. Including a Snarf figure, the Tank can also release hidden vehicles from within each of its claws. Any of the 10 cm tall figures can be used to activate all of the sound and lights functions using the built in Thunder Lynx magnetic system – awesome!

Role play items include the realistic looking ThunderCats Deluxe Sword of Omens which features an extending blade and pop open handle, as well as an authentic “ThunderCats Hoooo!” sound! The Claw Shield and small Sword Set can be worn on either arm, with the dagger extending to a short sword.

Official ThunderCats Logo

There was so much confidence ahead of the launch of the new ThunderCats TV series that several more toy companies joined the list of firms creating toys based on the show. MV Sports announced a series of bikes and scooters with a ThunderCats theme, while the role play company Rubies designed a series of dressing up costumes featuring all the main ThunderCats characters like Panthro and Lion-O. Jumbo Games won the licence to create some innovative Thundercats puzzles and an exciting Thundercats Fortress game.

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