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Mad Muttz

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Coming from the same Mint Toys home as Annoying Monsters and Chitter Chatters, Mad Muttz were introduced to the toy trade at the 2012 London Toy Fair. With a motion sensor built into each of the three different Mad Muttz characters, their movements and sounds are something else to behold!

The random action adds to the fun and hilarity - you never know what Mad Muttz will do next! Leg movements and a scratching type function are combined with five different sounds including a massive 'Woof Woof'. They also react to stroking sensors to make them burp, bark, snore or scratch as well as one other unmentionable noise!

Whilst the plush fur covering on the Mad Muttz bodies may make them look soft and cuddly, just activate the sensor to make them unleash their outrageous sounds and actions.

Mad Muttz advert from the trade press

Mad Muttz fans will probably also want to check out the three different Krazy Katz feline characters. Using similar sensors and actions, these black, orange or grey plush toys are anything but soft little pussy cats. Listen to them purr, screech and meow, and you get a feeling that Krazy Kats have a big attitude problem!

Krazy Katz

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