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Crayola Toys

Rather like Lego, Crayola is one of those classic toy brands that just seems to effortlessly stand out as an icon of childhood and trust. This is certainly not just to do with the fact that the company is over 100-years old - but rather that Crayola toys are, quite simply, colourful, distinct and great at encouraging creativity and self expression in children.

Although Crayola toys have certainly experienced many developments since the company's first crayons were released way back in 1903, the simple charm of their toys still remains today. Whilst packs of wax crayons and washable markers still account for a large proportion of all Crayola toys sold, the company now sells a huge range of complimentary products and accessories including sticker albums, paints and girls fashion items.

In order to differentiate between their rapidly expanding range of items, Crayola launched two sub-brands in 1999 and 2003 - Crayola Creations and Crayola Beginnings. These brands allowed Crayola to categorise and market their products more effectively - and many of the Crayola toy retailers shown below will stock plenty of items from each one of these brands.

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