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James Bond Toys

Clearly the world’s greatest secret service agent, James Bond 007 has been the subject of 14 books and over 20 films since Ian Fleming wrote the first novel, Casino Royale, in 1953. Typified by his suave character and love of fast cars, it is the vehicles that have formed the subject matter of most James Bond toys and models.

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Corgi toys have been the main licensee for these 007 toy ranges - and this company has produced many variations of scales and types. Best known has to be the famous James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with ejector seat, rear windscreen shield, machine guns and revolving number plates. Although it has been reproduced several times, it’s the original version which is so sought after by collectors worldwide, who will pay hundreds of pounds for a good example.

Other James Bond toys include spy sets with various electronic listening aids and walkie talkies, plus some great action figures dressed in various outfits from the films and even a series of highly detailed die-cast toy figures. James Bond film theme tunes and songs are sold on CDs, and of course every film can be bought on Video or DVD. There seems an insatiable appetite by consumers for anything James Bond, which ensures the brand will probably last for many more years.

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