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Created in 1979, MGA Entertainment (or Micro-Games America Entertainment to give it its full title) is a designer and manufacturer of a huge selection of children’s toys and associated entertainment products.

Probably best known for launching Bratz dolls into the marketplace in 2001 in direct competition to Mattel’s Barbie doll, these edgier figures with outrageous hairstyles, clothing and make-up quickly became the doll of choice for millions of little girls all over the world. A well-publicised spat between MGA Entertainment and Mattel over ownership of the Bratz doll brand ended with MGA keeping the licence although they have no plans to re-introduce them until the beginning of 2015 at the earliest.

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On the back of the Bratz success, MGA created more girls fashion dolls to cope with an almost insatiable demand. Product ranges like Lalaloopsy and Moxie Girlz are successful collections in their own right, and the launch of Bratzillaz with their gothic theme and attire were also a huge triumph.

2012 saw the launch of Novi Stars. These alien style dolls land on planet earth with the intention of becoming humans. More than just dolls, each one has a special and unique feature as well as distinctive packaging with details of the character’s bio. Online games and downloadable music are an extra feature of Novi Stars.

Company acquisitions during MGA Entertainment’s major growth period in the early 2000s included Little Tikes, the well-known maker of huge rotationally moulded indoor and outdoor play equipment. With MGA’s expertise in girl’s products, German doll maker Zapf Creation also fell into the fold, and added an element of softness to the girl’s products with their traditional series of baby dolls and accessories. With huge investment in new products, MGA Entertainment is a serious player in the worldwide toy industry.

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