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Pinypon Dolls and Playsets

Spanish toy supplier, Famosa, is the maker of Pinypon (which in some countries is known as Pin Y Pon). Distributed in the UK by Bandai, Pinypon mini-collectable dolls have wonderful facial expressions as well as interchangeable feet, bodies and hair styles. Designed for little girls aged four to seven years old, the dolls, toys and playsets appeal to girls all over the world.

Re-launched in the UK in 2014, kids can enjoy a big selection of Pinypon dolls and toys. The ranges include scented flowers and fruits themed items as well as mermaids, fairies and monsters. Each head, hair and body is interchangeable so that little girls’ creations are only limited by their imaginations.

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With so many Pinypon dolls to collect, girls can create their very own characters from all the different parts and styles. The facial expressions and gorgeous items of clothing all contribute to make this toy an ever popular girlie brand. New models with new faces and hair styles are constantly added to the collections.

Pinypon Dolls from a Multi-Figure Pack

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