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Toys for Children age 3 Years

The 'terrible threes' may result in a few tantrums and tears, but it's a brilliant age where your child will really start to develop their personality and grow in confidence and independence.

Toy ideas for 3 year olds

Peppa Pig Chatterbox
Peppa Pig Chatterbox by Character Options

The concealed sensor inside her hand makes her face and heart light up in a lovely soft glow.

Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand by Spin Master

As far as toys for children age 3-years are concerned, Kinetic Sand is a safe bet.

Animated Dancing Plus Oh
Animated Dancing Plus Oh by Flair

Oh translates into one of the most gorgeous soft toys we have ever seen.

Puppy Surprise Toys
Puppy Surprise Toys by Flair

Each doggie has a different number of baby puppies in her tummy!

Pride Lands Playset
Pride Lands Playset by Flair

This awesome jungle set has working features including trap doors and a working vine lift.

Noisy Lion Playset
Noisy Lion Playset by Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

Featuring the tree that appears in most episodes, the playset has plenty of features.

Wonder Trix Tracks
Wonder Trix Tracks by Wonderworld

It takes the original concept of marble runs and track and balls to a whole new level.

Ride-In Doctor Who Dalek
Ride-In Doctor Who Dalek by Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans can own their ride-in Dalek that they can actually get inside and operate!

Puzzle Globe
Puzzle Globe by Learning Resources

Puzzle Globe is a terrific toy for children and is especially suited for kids aged 3-years old.

Varoom 4 Vehicles Construction Set
Varoom 4 Vehicles Construction Set by Casdon

These wooden role play vehicles are perfect for all junior budding engineers and builders.