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Toys for Children age 3 Years

The 'terrible threes' may result in a few tantrums and tears, but it's a brilliant age where your child will really start to develop their personality and grow in confidence and independence.

Toy ideas for 3 year olds

Ninky Nonk Pull Along Musical Train
Ninky Nonk Pull Along Musical Train by In The Night Garden

Children will be entertained by this wonderful In The Night Garden product for hours on end.

Squirrel Club Playset
Squirrel Club Playset by Golden Bear

This playset is the perfect toy for all the Hey Duggee preschool fans.

Doc McStuffins Soft Toys
Doc McStuffins Soft Toys by Posh Paws

Gorgeous soft toys from one of the UKs premier plush toy suppliers.

Little Henry Vacuum Cleaner
Little Henry Vacuum Cleaner by Casdon

Looking just like the real thing, it has realistic suction action as well as lifelike sounds.

Wheel Around Fun Set
Wheel Around Fun Set by Jungle Junction

The Jungle Junction Wheel Around Fun Set features all three of the show's main characters.

Chugger Championship Playset
Chugger Championship Playset by Chuggington

The Die Cast Chugger Championship Playset is a kid-powered toy that's full of action!

Animated Dancing Plus Oh
Animated Dancing Plus Oh by Flair

Oh translates into one of the most gorgeous soft toys we have ever seen.

Peter Rabbit Soft Toys
Peter Rabbit Soft Toys by Vivid

The talking 10 tall versions can speak actual phrases from the TV show.

Quut Scoppi
Quut Scoppi

Made from polypropylene its strong enough to dig in sand, mud or snow.

Roaring Raa Raa
Roaring Raa Raa by Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

A concealed 'voice box' hidden inside gives Raa Raa give an incredibly loud roar!.