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Toys for Children age 3 Years

The 'terrible threes' may result in a few tantrums and tears, but it's a brilliant age where your child will really start to develop their personality and grow in confidence and independence.

Toy ideas for 3 year olds

Animated Dancing Plus Oh
Animated Dancing Plus Oh by Flair

Oh translates into one of the most gorgeous soft toys we have ever seen.

Jungle Junction Hippobus Playset
Jungle Junction Hippobus Playset by Jungle Junction

This cross between a hippopo and a bus is ready to taking the Beetlebugs to and from school.

Jumbo Inflatable R/C R2-D2
Jumbo Inflatable R/C R2-D2 by Bladez Toyz

Inflatable R/C R2-D2 is made from an inventive inflatable super tough body shell for protection.

Kurve Icon Balance Bikes
Kurve Icon Balance Bikes by Kiddimoto

Like all other models it's made from strong birch plywood with a distinctive curved frame.

Puzzle Globe
Puzzle Globe by Learning Resources

Puzzle Globe is a terrific toy for children and is especially suited for kids aged 3-years old.

Talking Ben and Holly Toys
Talking Ben and Holly Toys by Ben and Holly

Standing 30 cm tall, these are great copies of the characters in the animated series.

Little Charley Bear Fun Sounds Toys
Little Charley Bear Fun Sounds Toys by Little Charley Bear

Fun Sounds toys all have a sensor inside their tummies to make a sound from the show.

V-Dubs RC Roll Over Beetle
V-Dubs RC Roll Over Beetle by Golden Bear

This toy can perform a headlong roll and land back on its wheels.

My Friend Dory
My Friend Dory by Bandai

Features fifty phrases from the film, activated as kids pretend Dory is swimming through the water.

Pebli Starter Pack
Pebli Starter Pack by Mookie

Combines physical objects with an online world to create a truly magical play experience.