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Barbie Glam Jet

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The Barbie Glam Airplane is the only way for Barbie and her Fashionista friends to fly! Featuring seating for Barbie and one friend, it has a full-size kitchen for a top class dining experience when the cabin is converted into a restaurant. In the tail of the airplane there’s a glam tropical resort that pops out, and a microphone that can make any important announcements during the flight.

In addition to all these fantastic features on the Barbie Glam Airplane, there are four realistic sounds built in – a seat belt chime, a takeoff and landing signal, tropical music and even a soda fountain sound! Lots of accessories like an opening luggage hold with suitcase, overhead lockers for Barbie's handbags, and a set of aircraft steps are all included in this brilliant toy.

Barbie Glamour Jet

Suitable for Barbie fans from ages 3 years and up, the Barbie Jet is a fantastic toy with tremendous play value. Strongly built with all the attention to detail that you would expect from Mattel, this will be on thousands of little girls wish lists. Young fans of the jet may also be interested in Barbie's gorgeous camper van which is a re-launch of a classic Barbie toy from the 1970s.

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